Table 4-2.  Prose Genre in Two 1830 Literary Annuals

     Forget-Me-Not for 1830

                  Author                                           Title                                     Genre
        Anonymous                              A Quarter of an Hour Too Soon           Bildungsroman
        Bowdich-Lee, Mrs.                   The Life of a Hero                               Bildungsroman
        Harrison, W. H.                        The Tempting Moment                        Bildungsroman
        Thompson, W. G.                     Fanny Lee                                         Gothic Romance
        Thompson, Richard                  The Antiquary and the Fetch                Gothic Romance
         Bird, John                               The Convent of St. Angela                  Gothic Romance
         Galt, John                               The Omen                                         Gothic Romance
         MacNish, Robert                     The Red Man                                     Gothic Romance
         Barker, H. M.                          Greenwich Hospital                            Historical Fiction
         Mitford, Mary R.                     The Trial of Charles I                         Historical Fiction
         Delta (D. L. Moir)                    Kemp, the Bandit                               Historical Romance
         Harrison, W. H.                       The Exile                                           Historical Romance
         Edwards, John                         Birthright Ball at Riobamba                  Historical Romantic
         Anonymous                             The Land-Storm, a War Tale               Historical Romantic
         Roberts, Emma                        The Ghaut                                         Imperialist Romance
         Beevor, Mary L.                        St. Feinahs Tree                               Provincial Gothic
         Jewsbury, M. J.                        The Boor and the Brocken                  Provincial Gothic
         Hogg, James                             Seeking the Houdy                             Provincial Occult
         Baillie, Marianne                        Light and Shade                                 Provincial Travel
         Hofland, Barbara                       The Orphan Family                            Social Realism

      The Keepsake for 1830

         Bainim, John& Michael             The Faithful Servant                            Bildungsroman
         Bainim, John&Michael              The Hall of the Castle                          Child, Adolescent
         Shelley, Mary                           The Evil Eye, a Tale                            Oriental Gothic
         Scott, Sir Walter                       The House of Aspen, a Tragedy           Historical Drama
         Normanby, Lord                       Sketch                                              Historical Fiction
         Morier, James J.                       Constandi                                          Historical Romance
         Shelley, Mary                            The False Rhyme, A Tale                   Historical Romance
         Normanby, Lord                        The Prophet of St. Pauls                    Historical Romantic
         Hook, Theodore                         The Portrait Illustrated                       Provincial Humor
         Bernal, Ralph                             The Delusion of Three Days               Psychologic Humor
         Nugent, Lord                             The Shooting Star                             Psychologic Occult
         Shelley, Mary                             The Mourner, a Tale                         Psychologic Romantic
         Lister, Thomas H.                       A Dialogue for the Year 2130             Science Fiction
         Ellis, George Agar                       A Tragedy of Other Times                 Sensational
         Gore, Mrs. Charles                      Dorathea, a Tale                               Sensational
         Hook, Theodore                          The Bride                                         Sensational